Tech Booth Reference Guide

March 2022

This Tech Booth Reference Guide is a longer form article that describes, in more detail, the function of certain key parts. If you’re looking for the short Sunday morning checklist, make sure to use the Sunday Tech Checklist.

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Gently roll the projector cart out and position it.  Look for a small piece of tape on the floor.  Position the rear edge of the cart so it hovers over the tape.  That will get you close to the correct position.  The projected image should be framed similar to second photo below.

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Watch the videos in this playlist about the QU-16 soundboard to get familiar with it.  These videos are still relevant to us today despite the changes to our setup and location.  The first two videos have good info about…

Power Up and Load a Scene

Turn on a microphone, mixes, and layers

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Media Computer

The Media Computer is the desktop computer with the full-sized keyboard, mouse, and monitor.  We use this computer to run all media content for our services such as slide decks and videos.  For password access to this computer, please see Mike or Russ.

The Media computer has a few important locations.  On the desktop you should be able to find shortcuts to these important folders.

There are three main apps we use on this computer.

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ATEM Mini Video Switcher

The ATEM Mini is our video switcher.  We use this piece to “switch” between different video sources. The ATEM Mini sends its Program feed to our Broadcast Laptop.  At the time of this article, the switcher receives two sources as follows.  The Canon G40 (1) camera, and the Media Computer (4), which is a duplicate of what you see on the projector.

Use CUT or AUTO buttons to switch sources. When a source is RED, that indicates the source is live right now.  GREEN indicates the source is ‘on deck’.

The switcher also has a built-in Picture in Picture (PiP) feature.  By pressing the ON button in the Picture in Picture (PiP) section (top centre) the camera’s video (1) will be overlaid on top.

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We own a Canon G40 camcorder, which is a high-end camcorder with great image quality and ease of use. 

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Broadcast Laptop

The Broadcast laptop is a laptop computer with an external mouse.  We use this computer to Record and Live Stream our Program feed. The Program feed is sent from the ATEM Mini to this computer.

It isn’t the newest laptop in the world, but it has enough processing power to do exactly what we need it to.  This computer has access to two important folders and one important app.

OBS should be automatically receiving the Program feed from the ATEM Mini when you open it.  Press the CUT button on the ATEM Mini, you should see feed change in OBS.

At the end of the service, stop recording and streaming.  The recording is automatically saved to the OBS Recordings folder.  Create a new folder under Archive -> 2022 with today’s date.  Copy the recording from the OBS Recordings folder to the new archive folder.

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