About Us


We are a relaxed, authentic, and diverse family of believers learning to walk in the grace of God.

We seek to make everyone feel welcome and accept, love, and care for each other.



  • Meet in shopping mall: We are where life is.  There are no divide between the spiritual and the everyday.  We are not separated from the world.
  • Casual dress: No putting on of airs.  We are not trying to appear better than we are, we are accepting of where we and others are right now.
  • Free coffee: Coffee shop fellowship.  We speak the language of those around us.  We value hospitality.  Perks can be enjoyed free.  There are monetary needs, but you give when you're ready.  No urgency.  You come when you're ready.
  • Good humored:  Humor is encouraged, even when we discuss serious things.  We are light hearted and encouraging to each other.  We are not formal, we are not rigid.  We don't hold on tightly to ritual.
  • About our life challenges: We want real, defined growth.  Life is a journey, and we are helping each other along it.



Healed and whole people who are free to be themselves in Christ



Help people understand, believe and experience the love of God



  1. Accept people freely and openly
  2. Authentic in who we are and how we relate to each other
  3. Freedom from religiousity
  4. Great respect for the truth of the Bible
  5. Aware that the grace of God is the single greatest uniqueness of Christianity
  6. The love of God is what lubricates our human relationships
  7. Allow people to discover the love of God which transforms hearts and motivates action



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